Benefits of Advertising in The Arctic Insights/News From North

Even in the era of digital marketing, we chose manual advertising strategy. Both the advertisers and the readers are primary beneficial of this strategy. We are concerned about our readers’’ privacy and security on the internet. Therefore, we do not send cookies and catches request to our readers to collect their interest and display advertisements accordingly. This web magazine will give readers a safe and tidy internet experience without showing up random advertisements and pop-ups. It is beneficial for advertisers because internet extensions like AdBlock cannot block manually displayed advertisement on the website.

How it works?

Advertisers may choose any available slots from 18 advertisement slots. Normally, we give priority to those advertisements which are relevant to our contents and target readers. Therefore, sometimes advertisers may have wait to publish their advertisements.

If you want to advertise in any of the slots available in The Arctic Insights/News From North for a short or long time, please feel free to contact us. Do not forget to write ADVERTISEMENT in the subject line, so that our Machine Learning System recognizes and redirects your email to the responsible authority.